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PAV Installation ltd

Profesionals in fitting commercial kitchen extract hoods and ventilation, best in business

 Service you can rely on. Quality you can trust.

What type of services we provide?

We offer a wide range of services for a Commercial Kitchens and Restaurant industries. Starting from extraction system maintenance and deep cleaning, small upgrades, new build which will include stainless steel and white rock wall cladding, installation of a new extract hood and suitable filtration and extraction system, air input and general ventilation for your trade.

Who is our client?

Mainly our clients are construction companies, private trades and restaurant business owners, government projects, and catering companies. But we will enjoy to help you my kind reader with even your small project, office or private house.

How much our services cost?

Lowest price on a market have never been and would not become our target, because in other case we would not be able to keep top standards and bring the best quality in the United Kingdom.

Warranty and Standards?

Every our work no matter how big or small, is followed with HSE Extraction and Ventilation rules and requirements. The job will be run only by competent and certified specialists. All jobs after completion are covered with labour and our provided equipment warranty.